Here are some links for use by my clients and others seeking to know more about bankruptcy or to obtain information useful when preparing a bankruptcy.


Links to obtain information to provide your attorney

As you prepare your bankruptcy you will need to find values of property and information about your debts.  Here are on line links that may help.

Debt Information

Free Credit Report

This web site is provided by the three major credit reporting agencies to allow persons to obtain a yearly free credit report from the each of the three credit reporting agencies, although I dont think any of my clients have actually received the free report for Equifax who always claims not to be able to verify the identity.


  Credit Karma makes it’s money by getting you to pay to monitor your credit, but will allow you to pull your credit reports without providing a credit card, so it is an effective way to obtain your free credit reports.


The Law Offices of Patrick M. Hunter can also obtain a three source credit report for about $33  per person or $53 a couple, the advantage to me pulling the credit report is that the creditors on the credit report may be imported directly into our software which means you do not need to input those creditors into the on-line worksheet, only the creditors that are not on the credit report.

Tax Transcripts

Get Tax Transcript

Get Tax Transcript

You will need the last 4 years of tax transcripts and any other years in which you owe taxes.  To obtain your tax transcripts you may go on-line to the IRS.

Automobile Values

Find the value of your used car – we use third party value in the Bankruptcy Court.

NADA Guide


Real Property Values

 Find the value of your real property.


Click on Homes tab; type in your address; click on Go


Natrona County Assessor Link

For people who own real property in Natrona County Wyoming, you may obtain your assessed market value here.

General Bankruptcy Links

These are links to the law, rules, forms and information about bankruptcy.

Credit Counselors and Financial Management Courses
Obtain the list for approved credit counselors who can do the counseling and provide the certificate necessary to file an individual bankruptcy. Likewise obtain the list of approved Financial Management Courses which must be completed prior to obtaining a discharge in bankruptcy.  I have also included a page of links for providers of these classes that I have worked with.

Means Test Information
US Trustee’s Page about the Means Testing – also contains links to the census data for median family income and the IRS data concerning allowable expenses both of which are used to do the means test.

US Bankruptcy Courts
Read the Court’s information about Bankruptcy including videos. Also included are standard forms and the Rules for the Bankruptcy Courts.

Bankruptcy Code from Cornell Law School

Bankruptcy Code from ABI

Bankruptcy Rules from Cornell Law School

Bankruptcy Rules from ABI

Hieros Gamos
A decent resource for legal information.

ABI Bankrupcty Blog American Bankruptcy Institute Blog about bankruptcy – this blog discusses recent developments in the law.


WY-windsockWyoming Links

Here are links to various Wyoming legal information sites, including the Wyoming Statutes, Rules and the Wyoming Bar Association.

Wyoming Bankruptcy Court
News and information about the Wyoming Bankruptcy Court and bankruptcy in general. The Local Bankruptcy Rules may be found under the “about bankruptcy” tab

Wyoming US Trustee’s Office
News and information about the Wyoming Trustee’s Office and bankruptcy in general.

Wyoming Statutes
The Wyoming statutes on the web and in downloadable format.

Wyoming Supreme Court

Find Wyoming Court Rules and other Court Information

Wyoming State Bar Association
Locate Attorneys and other resources

Affiliated Organizations

Here are organizations that I am affiliated with.


NACBA is the premier organization for bankruptcy attorney’s that help people as opposed to businesses


Nolo is a web site that offers lots of legal information for consumers.

In particular is has a good on-line means test.

Avvo provides answers from attorneys to users questions.





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