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Links to Providers of Required Bankruptcy Classes

The following are providers of classes required by the bankruptcy laws.

All individual debtors must file with their bankruptcy a certificate showing that they completed the Credit Counseling class within six months prior to filing.    Chapter 7 debtors  must complete a Debtor education class within 60 days after the first meeting of creditors, and Chapter 13 debtors must complete and file the debtor education class before they complete their plan.  


At the present time I generally add $18 to the cost of the bankruptcy and refer my clients to one provider which is as follows:

summit  This provider is as low or lower cost than any other provider.  They also automatically file the certificate for the second class with the Bankruptcy Court, and are, as far as I know the lowest cost provider to do this.  For this reason I am now using them only.



The following are other providers that I have used upon occasion and do as good of job as any others.

Start Fresh Today

Provides both credit counseling classes and the debtor education classes, $34 total for both the pre-filing and the post-filing class.  Attorney Code is PH6630.


Provides both classes for $9.95 per household per class.




Provides both classes for $9.95 per household   Attorney Code is T130.



Evergreen has agreed to provide classes to my clients at a discount price of  $10 per class.  Enter coupon code “EFC1115”

DebtorWise Foundation

Credit Counseling $25; Debtor Education $15

Joint or Single


Urgent Credit Counseling

$16/household Credit Counseling

No Debtor Education Course

Cricket debt counseling

$36/household Credit Counseling

Attorney Code: 690195

ACCESS counseling

$25 Credit Counseling; $15 Debtor Education

Pioneer Credit Counseling (Black Hills Children Ranch)

Provides both credit counseling classes

($35/single $45/couple)  and the debtor education classes ($45/single or couple w/’ $10 off if repeat).

Allen Credit & Debt Counseling Agency

This provider provides both classes for $38.00 .  Free for Single Parents, Debtor’s on fixed incomes, and Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans.

Attorney code: PH9413

Debt Helper

Provides both classes. $35 Credit Counseling; $15 Debtor Education.  Attorney Code: WYO021



Provides both classes.  ($50 for credit counseling/ household; Debtor Education $50/person online)

Attorney Code: 5662


Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

Provides both classes.

No Attorney Code



GreenPath debt solutions

Provides both classes (Single or Joint:  Credit Counseling $35; Debtor Ed. $25)

Attorney Code: HUNTER307

Abacus Credit Counseling

$25 Credit Counseling; $35 Debtor Education

Attorney Code: ACC60943



InCharge Education Foundation

Provides both classes. (for single or joint $30 Credit Counseling; $25 debtor education)


MoneySharp Inc.

Provides both classes


My Bk Now

Provides both classes.



Debtor Education only Providers

Dave Ramsey’s Debtor Education


You have seen him on TV.  $25 Joint/Single



ALP (Always the Lowest Price Debtor Education) 7.95/Couple/Single

This provider sends the certificate to both my clients and I and advertise to be the lowest debtor education class available.

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$15 Flat Fee



SolidStart Financial Education

$24/household  Debtor Education Class


Lutheran Social Services


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