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Why do we charge for the initial Zoom consultation?

If an attorney only gets paid if the attorney sells you on a bankruptcy then how can you expect the advice you get to be valid? We charge for the initial consultation because we are not trying to sell you on our services. Instead, we provide unbiased and competent legal advice based upon your circumstances.

Isn't that what you want?

One Price Does Not Fit All

The amount of attorney fees can only be determined when we know more about you.  To learn the ranges of fees and factors that determine fees, click on the links below:

Chapter 7 Fees Chapter 13 Fees Other Fees

  • We understand that money is tight.
  • We work with our client's to make our representation as affordable as possible.
  • We need to be paid for our services.

Electronic Payment Options Include*:

* Note: Electronic Payments may include a small surcharge passed on to customers

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