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Do you take payments?

This is a question frequently asked. The answer is yes we do take payments, but in a Chapter 7 case, we can not file the bankruptcy until payment is in full. Otherwise, we would be a creditor of a client representing them against us, which is an unethical conflict. In Chapter 13 cases, we can be paid through the bankruptcy Chapter 13 plan. The amount which may be paid through the plan varies, depending on the case.

Do you take credit cards or debit cards?

We do not take credit cards unless the credit card is from a third party that is paying the fees for a client (see below). We can arrange for debit card payments and other electronic payments, but I do reserve the right to charge for the cost of processing such payments.

Will you take third-party payments?

Many clients look to family members or friends for help paying the bankruptcy fees. We will accept a payment from a third party for the fees but require that the third party sign a document that acknowledges that they are not our client and can not control or direct the representation of our client even though they have paid the fees. The document also acknowledges that they are paying a fee for bankruptcy and that any claim for repayment of the fees will probably be discharged in bankruptcy and that there will be no legal obligation by the debtor to repay the funds advanced by the third party for the fees.

Click below to download the Third Party Payor  Acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment of Third-Party Payor

Electronic Payment Options Include*:

* Note: Electronic Payments may include a small surcharge passed on to customers

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