Fees – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Attorney Fees must be paid prior to filing.

If we were to finance our fees, then when our client filed bankruptcy, we would be a creditor whose claim would be eliminated by the bankruptcy,  obviously not a good business practice for us!  As important, it would be unethical, since then we would be representing a client against ourselves.  Clearly a conflict of interest.

Amount of Attorney Fees.

The fees we charge to handle a Chapter 7 depend on the complexity of a case.  Generally Chapter 7 attorney’s fees for a non-business case run from $1,700 to $2,200.   A very simple chapter 7 case might be as low as $1,300 (usually for someone with nominal income and nominal assets and a limited number of creditors) and a complex case involving different sources of income, businesses, numerous creditors, and other complex issues could require a retainer of $10,000 or more.  For that reason we do not provide fee quotes until an initial consultation is completed and the scope of the work required has been determined.

Chapter 7 Filing Fee

At the present time the Chapter 7 Filing Fee is $335 and usually must be paid at the time of filing.  In some cases the filing fee can be waived or paid in installments.   If however we are handling the case it is likely the fee must be paid up front.  This fee is in addition to the attorney’s fee.

Other Costs

At the present time I include the Credit Counseling Class and the Debtor Education Class in my flat fees.  I pass on the cost of a credit report if I pull one ($33to$53)  and do add a surcharge for electronic transactions such as debit cards or paypal to recoup my cost to take such payments, usually less than $50

This page was last updated: August 10, 2015