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I have given my life to my Lord. I am a Christian. That means that I must serve my clients in a loving, caring and non-judgmental way. I do not preach in my representation, but it changes how I look at what I do.


The way we practice law is guided by our view of the attorney-client relationship.

  • We try never to answer the question: WHAT SHOULD I DO? The decision is the client's and depends on the client's personal goals, morals, upbringing and concerns and can only be answered by our client.
  • Our clients get legal representation which is uniquely prepared for them and their needs.  WE ARE NOT A BANKRUPTCY MILL, churning out the same product for every client.
  • Our clients get personal attention.
  • Our clients are fully informed, understand their options and make choices which are best for themselves.  This may take some time and cost a little more, but we believe it is the secret to a successful attorney/client relationship.
  • We respect our clients and we expect respect from them.

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