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Philosophy – Long Version

We Believe That:

1. We work for our Clients

  • Our clients come to us with legal problems. Our job is to solve their problems. We are not here to impress a Judge, best a colleague or feed our own egos.
  • Our clients are concerned. The legal system is cloaked in mystery and moves very slowly, all of which contributes to anxiety and stress. Our clients deserve, and receive fast and courteous answers to help them better understand the process.
  • Our clients have questions about their legal problems. While many legal problems do not have specific answers, our job is to provide the best answers we can and explain why the answers are not always simple.

2. Clients have the right and responsibility to make decisions which affect their lives.

  • Our clients have unique priorities, goals and a unique tolerance for risk. The law and the legal process constantly present choices and options. Each choice, each option has its own costs and benefits, its own risks and rewards. Our clients must decide what is best for them.
  • Our clients are entitled to know, as best we can tell them, about the costs and risks of each choice or option.
  • Our clients are entitled to know, as best we can tell them, about the benefits and rewards of each choice or option.

3. Clients are entitled to ethical, professional and skilled representation.

  • Our clients are entitled to, and receive ethical representation. We enjoy a reputation for honesty and integrity with the Judges of the Bankruptcy Court, the Department of Justice Office of the United States Trustee, and with other lawyers in the bankruptcy law community.
  • Our clients are entitled to have confidence that they will be represented in a professional manner. The firm does not do “cookie cutter” work. Instead, each client's legal problems receive individual attention designed to advance that client's best interests.
  • Our clients are entitled to, and receive skilled representation.

4. Clients are entitled to a fair fee.

  • Our clients are entitled to be charged only for work done on their case. Instead of a fixed or flat fee which includes a little extra for the unusually expensive case, most clients are charged based upon reasonable estimates of the work required only on their case.
  • Our clients are entitled to have work performed efficiently, by a qualified attorney at the lowest possible billing rate. To ensure consistent quality, work done by less senior attorneys and staff is supervised.

Based on our Beliefs

  1. Our attorneys will try to understand the client's priorities and goals and keep those firmly in mind throughout the representation.
  2. Our attorneys will be sensitive to the fears and concerns of our clients and work whenever possible to keep fears and concerns at a minimum.
  3. Our staff will respond to all telephone calls and communications received by the office within a reasonable period of time.

Client Responsibilities

Legal representation is a two-way street. Clients cannot expect to receive the best possible outcome unless they also follow certain

1. Clients Must Provide Complete and Accurate Information.

  • Clients must provide us with complete and accurate information about their legal situation.
  • Clients must let us know immediately if they have forgotten to mention anything about their case or if they learn new information.
  • Clients must let us know immediately if they change their priorities or goals so that our work can be adjusted to match the new goals and priorities.

2. Clients Must Be Respectful

  • Our attorneys and other staff members understand that their duty is to represent our clients. There is never an excuse for clients to be less than respectful, whether at the office or over the phone.

3. Clients Must Remain Involved With Their Legal Matter.

  • Clients must remember that this is their legal matter. They will be asked to make decisions about their case on an ongoing basis. These are decisions which we cannot make on their behalf. Clients must remain actively involved in their legal matters.

4. Clients must provide us with current contact information including telephone numbers, a mailing address and, if possible, an email address.

5. Clients Must Pay For Legal Services.

  • Clients must understand that we provide legal advice and guidance for a fee and that the payment of that fee is not an option. Fees are used to pay our lawyers, our staff members and our overhead. If fees are not paid as required in our retainer agreements, we cannot continue to provide ongoing legal services and we cannot continue to provide legal representation.As part of our commitment to maintain a high standard of professionalism, we will sometimes provide free or discounted legal services. We carefully select those clients who are most in need of assistance and make arrangements with them in our retainer agreements.

6. Clients Must Understand That There Are Limits.

  • Clients must understand that there are limits to what we can do. These limits are set by Federal and Wyoming law, by Rules of Professional Conduct, by Court Rules and by what is necessary to maintain our professional reputation. We will always abide by these restrictions.If circumstances occur which raise legal or ethical questions, we will make every effort to resolve the questions as quickly as possible. Ultimately, however, if the questions cannot be resolved, we must and will take those steps necessary to end the representation.

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