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Client Forms


I have gathered various documents and a link for Clio for Clients here for my clients and potential clients to download.

If you desire forms in Microsoft Office or Word-perfect format, please use the form below to make a request.  If you do not have software that will read PDF documents click here to get the most recent Adobe reader for free.  If you do not have software to read spread-sheets or word-processor documents(Like Microsoft Excel and Word) you can download Apache OpenOffice for free to both read and work with such documents here.

Clio for Clients

I have started to use Clio as a firm management tool.  It has a powerful document portal tools and my newer clients will be asked to use it for uploads to the firm and downloads from the firm and other communications.  If you have been asked to download the Clio for Clients App you can click on the icon below to download it for your phone and or computer./  Then you can securely access your Clio file with our office to upload documents, and to securely download the documents in your file including various Court Documents, the fee agreement, documents that you have uploaded.  We can also use the app to securely communicate with each other.

Link of Clio for Clients


New Client Documents

The following documents should be downloaded and completed prior to an initial consultation.   These are files are in PDF  format and may be completed online, saved and sent to your client portal. (click on the name of the form to download it)

Initial Intake

This form is a combined initial intake form with disclosures  and may be completed on your computer and uploaded to the your client portal

Family Budget Form

This is a Family Budget to be completed to provide me with your monthly expenses. Complete and upload on your client portal

Initial Property List

This is an Initial List of Property to help us evaluate your case. Complete and upload on your client portal

Statement of Domestic Support Obligations

We will need this form completed in all Chapter 13 cases and in Chapter 7 cases where either debtor has a support obligation. Complete and upload on your client portal

Documents To Supply

The following is a general list of documents which you need to assemble in a pdf format and upload to the client portal that we will set up with you when we set the zoom initial consultation with Mr. Hunter.

Third Party Payor Acknowledgment

We will need this form completed if someone else is paying your Bankruptcy Fees. Complete and upload on your client portal after it has been signed.

Documents for Clients to use in the preparation of their case

We may ask you to do a client questionnaire if your case is complicated.   We also pull a credit report from which we import creditors that report credit, but there are almost always creditors that you have that are not on the credit report such as family members, friends, individuals, lawsuits, medical providers, payday loans and buy here pay here sellers. Those must be included in your bankruptcy. A form for that is included below. (click on the name of the form to download it)

Additional Creditor Form

Use this form to send us creditors that are not on the credit report. Complete and upload on your client portal for each additional creditor.


Forms for after your case is filed and before discharge

Included here are forms primarily to help you for the First Meeting of Creditors scheduled for 3 to 6 weeks after we file the case.  This meeting is by Zoom and usually is less than 10 minutes long.

Our Guide to the First Meeting of Creditors

Our clients should read this guide before the 341 Meeting scheduled in their case

US Trustee Guide to Joining the Zoom 341 Meeting

These are the instructions to join the 341 Meetings put out by the US Trustee's office.  Our Clients should read this information as well.


Post Discharge Credit Reporting Letter

Here is a sample letter for our clients to send to the credit reporting bureaus, notifying them of the discharge in bankruptcy and requesting specific actions pursuant to their credit record.   There is a page of instructions for the use of the letter included.  You should check your credit report using any of the free credit report sites out there (we suggest as it is always free with no hidden charges).

Yearly Family Budget

This document is very helpful for families to set up a budget on an annual basis and keep their budget.  It is in Microsoft Excel format.    I recommend that all of my clients – but especially my Chapter 13 clients, download this form.  Save it.  Then open it and plan your budget out for the following year.  Save the work with a new name, and use it year to year.  Staying within a budget is the best way to avoid a bankruptcy in the future.  Sharing the budget with your children is also helpful to teach them about budgeting.

Annual Family Budget
Annual Family Budget xls

If you need a spreadsheet program you can get one free at Apache Open Office, this is a full office suite with spreadsheets, word processor, data base, draw program and power point program.  Click on the Open Office logo below to download Apache Open Office.



Monthly Profit and Loss.

For Chapter 13 Debtors engaged in business.  This must be provided to the Chapter 13 Trustee each month until confirmation of the plan.

  • Requesting Forms in Other Electronic Formats.

Some of the above forms are available in Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, Microsoft Excel, or Quatro-Pro formats.   If you want the files in electronic format, please request them by email here:

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